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Happy Valentines/Nursiversary To My Lovely Wife Penelope

A year ago today my lovely wife Penelope and I were also staying in San Francisco. She had just taken the nursing exam known as the NCLEX. We were both eagerly awaiting news of the results of her test, which are posted on the California Nursing Board's website. Early Valentines morning she woke me up excitedly and told me the wonderful news. She passed, my wonderful wife was a nurse!


I just want you (and the whole world) to know how much I love you, sweetie. Thank you so much for your hard work, companionship and most importantly your sweet, caring love.

Dave and Penelope on Lake Tahoe

Penelope and I in our matching Search and Rescue team jackets.


Happy Anniversary to My Lovely Wife


My beautiful, sweet wife and I had a beautiful wedding 1 year ago today. We've had an amazing array of fun adventures since then, starting with our honeymoon in Fiji, and continuing with trips to the zoo, the desert, San Francisco, Huntington Gardens, DEFCON, Santa Barbara, San Diego and many more. Our special day every week is Sunday and we try and do something fun and different every time.

Penelope is the sweetest woman I've ever met, and her charm and charisma is readily evident to everyone who meets her. I couldn't have asked for a better person to share my life with. Thanks to her compassion and love for humanity, she will be the best nurse ever.

My only gift to her today is dinner at the Water Grill, plus some hiking / scrabble action. The real gift will come next month in the form of a vacation to Santa Fe, Taos and Sedona. Sweet sweet Penelope, you are perfect for me. I'm looking forward to the next 50+ years with you.


Happy Mother's Day!


I love you, mom! Thanks for the greatest gift ever, life.


Happy Valentines Day

To all the women in my life, especially my fiance Penelope. Every day our romance grows stronger as I fall deeper in love with you. I love you baby! I really enjoy our time together and I especially enjoyed the blogs you posted.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukkah

Although I am Jewish, my family has always celebrated both Chanukkah and Christmas, some times we only did Christmas. This year I am doing both, and I had a wonderful time with both my family and Penelope's family. On Christmas eve we went to my mom's house in Woodland Hills and had some Chanukkah ham, it was one of those special Kosher hams. Then on Christmas morning we went to Penelope's brother's house for breakfast and to open presents. After that we headed over to her Grandma's house to meet some of her cousins from Texas, and finally we went to my Aunt Jan and Uncle Van's house in Villa park, a city that is famous in Orange county for having neither churches nor bars. We both had a really great time and it was a great holiday.


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all the women in my life especially my fiance Penelope and my mother R.G. Bullock, who are the most wonderful women in the whole world. Thank you for all the happiness you bring me.


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2005!

I want to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous new year. I also want everyone to take a few minutes from their day and a few dollars from their bank accounts and help out with Tsunami Relief. Click the link in the article below to find charities to donate to. Thanks!


Happy 2005!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year! =]